ICT Facilities in a Rural Environment

Access to quality ICT facilities in a rural area such as Butere is often very limited.
This results in young people not having opportunity to gain the ICT skills necessary for good business, 
marketing and job market qualifications.
For the past 7 years AICMAR has been able to train 647 young and not so young in 
basic computer skills and programmes.

Equipped to Train

AICMAR’s computer course trainees have access to 9 computers. Our own units have been supplemented by additional desktop computers donated by IREN Kenya and the Awori family.
As well as basic computing skills, we are sometimes able to train in more advanced 
database concepts and statistical programmes.


AICMAR uses competent facilitators who train young men and women in ICT. in order that they may cope with the contemporary digital world .

AICMAR continues to partner with technological companies, #development organisations, NGOs and ICT engineers to see a steady growth of ICT  programmes and knowledge sharing for personal professional and community development.