AICMAR Publications

AICMAR has its own academic journal —the ‘AICMAR Bulletin’.

In most part the papers included in this publication are edited versions of those which have been presented at AICMAR’s Annual School of Theology since 2001. Leading African/Africanist theologians whose papers are included in the journal include the late Professor Kwame Bediako, Dr. Musimbi Kanyoro, Prof. Aloo Mojola, Prof. Stephen Noll, Prof. David Ekem, Prof. Joseph Galgalo, Professor Andrew Walls

Each year has had a different topic or theme around which the papers are centered:

Vol. 1/2002-Relating the Bible to Select African Issues-1

Vol. 1/2003-Relating the Bible to Select African Issues-2

Vol. 3/2004-The Law and the Gospel

Vol. 4/2005-African Christians in the Contemporary Market Place

Vol. 5/2006-Foundations and Future of Christian Mission in Africa

Vol 6/2007-The Gospel and the Contemporary Challenges of African Cultural Heritage

Vol. 7/2008-Church and Politics in Africa Today


Vol. 8/2009-Christian Leadership in Africa

Vol. 9/2010-Economic Justice

After a pause in publication, it is hope to re-launch the Bulletin in 2018 with three different issues:

Vol. 10

The Changing Shape of Education in East Africa: Challenges and Prospects for the Role of the Church

Vol. 11

A Contemporary African response to some current beliefs, customs and practices surrounding Death, funerals and burials: the case of the Luyia Ethnic Group in Western Kenya

Vol. 12

A Biblical and theological response towards ending HIV among adolescents and young people in Africa


In addition to the papers, all issues of the AICMAR Bulletin contain a number of book reviews of new titles written mostly by African authors which are available in the Chadwick Library including books on West Kenya topic areas.